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From the Principal

Week 8 Book Fair

Over the course of this coming weekend we celebrate two special Feast Days that of St Patrick and then the School’s Patron St Joseph. ...more...

Week 6 The Season of Lent

As a Catholic Community we have started the season the Lent. It is the forty day preparation for the Celebration of Easter. It is the time when we as Christians concentrate on three things – prayer, fasting and almsgiving. ...more...


Coastal Environment Study

Coastal Environment Study

The surf was certainly up this week when twenty-six Year 11 and 12 Geography students visited the Gold Coast. Students are currently studying a unit on the coastal environment and the best practice methods that are being used to manage these important areas of our world. ...more...

Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies

Secondary students are engaging in a wide variety of innovative learning experiences in Mathematics, Science and Technology departments this term which have been engaging, challenging and at times, chaotic. ...more...

CAMO Day for Veteran Care

CAMO Day for Veteran Care

Under the banner of the Mercy Value - ‘Respect’ students from Year 7-12 of St Joseph’s School were encouraged to dress in their finest camo gear to help fundraise for the Veterans Care Association.  ...more...

Enrolments for 2017

Enrolment Information for Secondary 2017

Enrolment Information for Prep 2017



Dear Parents

Advice received in regard to weather conditions as at 4pm Thursday 30 March means that St Joseph's will be closed Friday 31 March 2017. 


Newsletter 17 March 2017