St Joseph's School, Stanthorpe | Living Mercy since 1875


SCHOOL CAPTAINS AND VICE CAPTAINS - Roles and Responsibilities

  • To set the standard in terms of presentation, language and behaviour
  • To be a good leader who shows initiative
  • To be an effective public relations ambassador for our school
  • To attend meetings with school administration when required
  • To support Student Council executive by attending meetings
  • To participate in formal school ceremonies (e.g. Anzac Day, Awards Night).
  • To be approachable with other students
  • To be involved in a range of school activities
  • To be able to relate to all members of our school community (e.g. teachers, support staff, parents, visitors, other students).
  • To actively intervene, where appropriate, in matters that relate to student behaviour, safety and issues with respect to the reputation of our school and its members.

HOUSE CAPTAINS & HOUSE VICE CAPTAINS - Roles and Responsibilities

  • To set the standard in terms of presentation, language and behaviour
  • To be a good role model who is willing to actively participate in all major school sporting events i.e., Swimming Carnival, Cross Country, Athletics Carnival
  • To provide student leadership in all school sporting activities.
  • To encourage other students to participate in all school sporting activities.
  • To display exemplary sportsmanship qualities at all times.
  • To wear correct uniform at all times
  • To wear house captain badge proudly
  • To foster team spirit through preparation of banners, posters etc
  • To liaise with teachers in your sports house re preparations for carnivals.
  • To organize students re sports nominations etc
  • To assist with setting up and cleaning up of carnivals.
  • To display at all times, exemplary behaviour above normal school expectations.
  • To organize distribution of lunch time sports equipment
  • To organize lunch time sports competitions
  • To coach teams or referee matches if and when required


Aims Of The Student Council

  • To act as a forum for the expression of student opinion
  • To communicate student opinion to the school Administration for the benefit of the School as a whole
  • To encourage student involvement in student based activities
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for student leadership and organizational abilities
  • To become involved in any initiatives that may lead to the overall improvement of the School
  • To support student representation of the School wherever possible
  • To encourage activities and behaviour which lead to a greater public image for the School
  • To work towards a co-operative and harmonious school environment