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It was all about internet safety this week at St Joseph School when on Wednesday 3rd August Brett Lee from Internet Safe Families visited the campus to chat to primary and secondary students, parents and teachers about internet safety.

Talks were confronting from the get go as Mr Lee, a retired FBI Cyber Safety officer drilled into students the importance of ‘Think Before You Post’ and that their ‘Personal Information is like your toothbrush – don’t share it”.  Students were encouraged to engage in discussions on the possible consequences of sharing information, sending photos and even posting on social media.

Parents were invited to a special session held in the evening that highlighted the importance of communicating with their children.  Brett Lee  also shared important resources to assist parents in navigating and securing social media and digital technologies for their families.

“We don’t have to do much to reduce online risks dramatically but we have to do something”. – Brett Lee, Founder of Internet Safe Families.