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Opti Minds Challenge

Opti Minds Challenge

On Sunday 28 August, 2 teams of students , coordinated by Mr Fleming and  accompanied by Mrs Muller, Mr Irvin and parents, competed in the Toowoomba Region Opti – MINDS challenge in Gatton.   The Challenge is an inclusive team challenge which empowers participants to Think, Create and Communicate and gives them an opportunity to participate in open ended, creative problem solving events with exciting challenges that require experimentation and reward sustainable practice and divergent thinking.  Students received their challenge in their chosen area at the beginning of Term 3 and have been practising their long term presentations for the past 6 weeks.

Over 81 teams from schools all over the Toowoomba region competed in 2 challenges on the day.

The two St Joseph’s teams comprised of Georgette Forbes, Kaelie Doyle, Eliza Telfer, Mackenzie Swan, Kira St John, Tom Gleeson, Arwyn Reeves, Emily Thomas, Rory McDonagh and Finn Fletcher. The  team names were the Krunchy Koalas and The Interabangs. They competed in the categories of Language Literature and Science Engineering. The Science Engineering challenge was to make a ‘pongle’ which involved hand- making a device that pings a pong between paddles. The students had to make the pong (the ball) bounce for a minimum of 3 seconds. The strongest part of both   presentations was the script. The language literature challenge – “Riddles, Rebuses and Raconteurs” – involved writing a play around the following text: “and then a rebus tantalisingly appeared as if scratched into the surface of the thing”. Marks were awarded for originality, creativity, humour and the integration of the text. The play was based around a group of people in a house where a murder had just been committed. The Raconteur was the victim who constantly got up and reviewed the current situation. The Riddler was the maid who was insane and who also drew the Rebus on the wall.

Both teams performed very well throughout the day and even though the teams did not receive a division trophy, both St Joseph’s teams were awarded a “Spirit of Opti Minds” ,  which is given only to those teams who have shown enthusiasm, creativity and respect throughout the competition.  While other schools from Stanthorpe competed, St Joseph’s were the only teams in Stanthorpe to receive an award.

All in all,  the students had a great time -probably ate  too much great popcorn- and are looking forward to competing in the challenge again in 2017.

By Kaelie Doyle , Georgette Forbes, Eliza Telfer, MacKenzie Swan, Kira Daddow and Tom Gleeson and Mrs Muller