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2017 School Leaders

On Wednesday 1st  February, the  St Joseph’s school community welcomed in it’s 2017 School Leaders.  In a traditional ceremony, held after the start of year Mass, Sports Captains, Student Leaders and Student Captains were inducted into their new positions.  The school’s 2017 school leaders not only stand at the head of a Prep to 12 student body, but are expected to set the standard in behaviour, focus and representing the schools Mercy Values, those values at the core of St Joseph’s Catholic identity. Leaders are asked to select a value to represent throughout the year and are supported by staff and fellow students in using these as a platform to help those in the school and wider community. Mercy Value ‘Options for the Poor ‘representative, School Captain Katie Yates, has thrown herself into the challenge of  re-establishing the school Homework club. Held once a week in the school library Homework club allows for extra assistance from teachers as well as a place where students can test ideas with their peers. “Homework Club also offers a place for integrating all grades from Years 6 through to Year 12, all working together to improve their studies and achieve better understanding in their academics over afternoon tea.” Said Katie.

Congratulations to St Joseph’s School Captains – BJ Perrett and Katie Yates;  its Student Leaders – Eve Perrett, Justin Carter, Megan Kay and Jessica Westerhout; and its School Sports Captains - Megan Berlese, Melissa Cannavo, Jessica Smith, Jacob Adams.

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