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Religion in the Modern World

Religion in the Modern World

On 17 May, Year 11 and Year 12 students of Study of Religion, visited Toowoomba to attend a seminar with renowned lecturer Dr Peter Vardy. They were accompanied by their SOR teachers, Mr Joseph Shorter (Year 12) and Miss Patricia McManus (Year 11).

The students explored topics such as Science and Religion, the nature of the cosmos and reality, and the relevance of religion in the modern world.

The seminar was engaging, presenting information on a vast array of topics, from the ancient philosophers of Greece, to some of the modern scientific approaches that attempt to make sense of reality. Students found the presentations far-ranging, thought-provoking and a rigorous exploration of the basis for faith in the contemporary world. As they move into their studies in coming semesters, particularly in units where they focus on the nature of "Ultimate Questions", Dr Vardy's seminar will provide them with a valuable foundation for their continued learning.

Mr Joseph Shorter