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Safe Driver Program at Willowbank Raceway

On Thursday 22nd June, Year 10 and 12 Students travelled to Willowbank Raceway to participate in the Drive Safe Program and Expo. The Driver Safety Program is a one day driver awareness course aimed at young and novice drivers. It involves lectures, demonstrations, video presentations and in-car hands-on driving experiences. Year 12 Participants learn safe driving techniques while they test drive a fleet of different cars. The course is not only about improving your driving, it is also about learning how not to become part of someone else's accident.

Year 10 Students, although not old enough to get behind the wheel, experienced the day through the eyes of scientists.  The students, who next term will be branching out into Physics got to witness the science of movement at its most unpredictable. The ‘Beer Goggles’ was an interesting experience for students as they realised just what the influence of alcohol could have when walking, let alone driving a motor vehicle.

Students had ‘a great experience’ and realised how ‘quick things can go wrong in a vehicle’. Many said that this was a course that they would ‘encourage others to participate’ and were grateful for the St Joseph’s School P & F Committee for providing funds to help reduce the costs of the day.