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Faith in Action

Faith in Action

St Joseph’s School prides itself on teaching students how to live out the Mercy Values of Compassion, Options for the Poor, Mercy & Justice, Service and Dignity. The Student Leaders, during their year of leadership, ensure they are examples of these Mercy Values and depict ways for their peers to follow their lead.

The school immerses itself in various community initiatives to allow students to witness the goodness that can be done. Meals on Wheels, Carramar visits and St Vincent De Paul appeals are just some of the ways St Joseph’s students can do their bit to show mercy to those in need.

Students in Year 5 and 6 are participating in Faith in Action program. This is an extension of the work our students already do in living out the Mercy Values. Friday afternoons have long been the period for the younger students to enjoy sports activities. This year, students from these year levels are being rotated to be involved in various community visits.

For the past two weeks, an excited group of students have enjoyed visits to the Whistlestop Community Garden. Volunteer, Carol Parkinson has guided the students through the short history of the garden and given them a tour of the different areas.

Students were able to visit the worm farm and help with the clean-up. They successfully weeded the paved drain and assisted with leaf mulching in the heritage garden.

Carol also showed the students the new garden and shared the plans with them. Everyone enjoyed the visit and have promised to visit again.

The next proposed Faith in Action visit is to C&K Kindergarten, Country Kids and Kids Korner.