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Work Experience for Year 10 students

Work Experience for Year 10 students

Year 10 students engaged in Work Experience last week for 3 days. Partaking in structured work placement provides these students with a valuable opportunity to attain an insight into the many aspects of their chosen field of work. It helps students to understand the expectations and requirements that an employer has of its employees. As Year 10 students work towards creating career pathways, work experience plays a vital role in helping shape this decision making for their future.

Discussions were held earlier between parents and their child to discuss options for their work experience. Students were then able to locate their own work experience or provide two areas of work they would be interested in. Once the school secured the student’s work experience, paperwork was sent home for completion. During their Pastoral Care lessons, students were provided with activities that assisted them in preparing for these three days.

Most of the students had their work experience locally, however, a few took the opportunity to go further afield to Brisbane and Nambour. We thank the businesses who were willing to take these students on for this period of time. Without their support, work experience would not be possible.

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