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Secondary students throw on togas for Term 2 social

May 16, 2013

Secondary students rocked the Bathersby Stadium last Thursday night when they enjoyed their Term 2 Social. With the theme “Wear a Toga” an assortment of creatively draped sheets could be seen filtering in to enjoy a few hours of great music and dancing. ...more...

Inspiring Arts in Queensland

May 08, 2013

On Tuesday 7th May, Artslink Queensland and Backbone Youth Arts presented “The Box” to Primary Students. “The Box” brought red nose clown, slapstick and physical comedy into one hilarious show about two clowns and a seemingly mundane box. ...more...

Year 10 Science enjoy experimenting

May 08, 2013

At the beginning of Term 2 students were given the opportunity to conduct experiments of their own choice and present their experiment to the class. On Monday the 28th April, the Year 10 Science classes combined to conduct an experiment that was instructed by PJ Bonner, Lachlan Knight and Bradley Britton. ...more...

Keeping the ducks safe

May 03, 2013

Year 11 Chemistry students tested the local creek for water quality last Tuesday. The class collected water samples 500m above and 500m below the Weir near the Carnarvon Bridge as well as along the Weir. ...more...

Steve Dale-Better Choices workshops

May 03, 2013

Boys from Years 6 to 12 took part in Better Choices workshops last Monday and Tuesday. Presented by Steve Dale, these workshops focused on bringing clarity, purpose and direction to young men. ...more...

Spreading the St Joseph's Mercy Values

Apr 24, 2013

The newly named Bathersby Centre (fondly nicknamed the “gym”) has become an invaluable space for the St Joseph’s School community since its completion in 2011. It is planned that the majority of school functions and P & F fundraising events will be held at the centre, making the shared space one that symbolises the philosophy of a P-12 school. ...more...

Y-Lead Sessions

Apr 24, 2013

Spending time with Belle and Matt from Y-Lead was a wonderful way for Year 6 to 12 students to finish the first week of Term 2. Students participated in a variety of games, listened to motivational and educational stories with a strong focus on learning how they can be the best possible leader. ...more...

Book Fair comes to St Joseph’s library

Apr 19, 2013

The first Book Fair for 2013 is up and running in the library all this week. Book Fair has become a much loved event for the children, and provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and promote reading. ...more...

All set to tackle Term 2

Apr 19, 2013

Welcome back to students and staff for what promises to be a demanding but exciting term. Teaching staff attended a retreat on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April which was held at Happy Valley. ...more...

A busy last week of Term 1

Mar 28, 2013

The last week of Term 1 at St Joseph’s School was busier than normal. On the last day of school, students from Prep to Year 12 gathered at The Bathersby Centre to celebrate the Easter liturgy with the theme of “The washing of the feet.” ...more...

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