St Joseph's School, Stanthorpe | Living Mercy since 1875

Pastoral care

Seeking and affirming the dignity of each person is at the heart of pastoral care. This ethos of care aims to ensure the formation of strong character that is based on Gospel values.

Pastoral Care at St Joseph’s is found in every aspect of school life. It is of prime importance in this community, aiming always to address the ever-changing needs of the students in our care.

Pastoral care is extended to all students by all staff. However, each Year Level class has its own Pastoral Care teacher who offers support and care to the students in that class.

Fair and consistent discipline is an important element in the Pastoral Care of students, as it sets the necessary guidelines of acceptable behaviour for the students.

Through our discipline procedures we aim to educate and encourage courteous, respectful and co-operative behaviour among all members of our community.

St Joseph's School believes that everyone has rights – the teachers have the right to teach and keep students safe and students have the right to learn and to enjoy school. Any behaviour that violates those rights is not acceptable.

Teachers on the Primary Campus have a program of pastoral care that focuses on issues relevant to the student’s age and stage of development.

Teachers on the Secondary Campus spend time with their class and might cover topics such as:

  • careers education
  • work experience
  • health issues
  • stress management
  • protective behaviours
  • alcohol and drug education
  • exam techniques
  • time management
  • study skills
  • disabilities
  • conflict resolution skills