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Secondary curriculum

Junior Secondary - Year 7, 8, 9 & 10


Year 7 is an introduction to secondary school. It is a time for meeting new students and making new friendships. For most students it involves a change to having several teachers for many different subjects in different classrooms.

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students complete core subjects that include: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography/History and Physical Education. Also students are offered electives in Year 7- 10 that give them the opportunity to experience some subjects for the first time. These subjects include Home Economics, Information Technology, Music, Drama, Graphics, Agricultural Science, Business Studies, Civics and Project Based Learning.

By Year 10 students continue to engage in core and electives.  They will begin to discuss the subjects being offered in the senior school.  Students and parents engage in the senior education training plan, providing them with guidance as they enter their final years of school. 

Year 8 Students with surfaces

Senior Secondary – Year 11 & 12


Year 11 and 12 make up the Senior years of a student's schooling. It is during these years that students prepare themselves for the future pathways. St Joseph's provides students with pathways in vocational education as well as tertiary education. The school offers students both Authority subjects and School Authority subjects. Authority subjects include: English, Mathematics A, B and C, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Studies of Religion, Ancient History, Film & Television, Physical Education, Business Communications echnology, Graphics, Legal Studies and Visual Art.

These authority subjects provide students with an achievement result that can be used to an obtain an overall position for University or other tertiary entrance.

The school also offers School Authority subjects, that do no provide an opportunity for university placement, however do provide students with valuable hands on and lifelong learning experiences. These experiences assist students greatly in obtaining positions in the workforce once completing their senior years. Some of these subjects include: Hospitality, Industrial Technology Skills, Religion and Ethics, English Communication, Pre Vocational Mathematics, Information and Communications Technology.

Over periods of time other subjects may be offered, as well as subjects being removed, depending on the demands of the student population and the teaching staff available for subjects.

At St Joseph's every effort is made to provide students with access to excellent curriculum opportunities throughout all of their high school years.

Senior Curriculum Handbook 2019 & 2020