St Joseph’s School is a Diocesan Catholic School and our funding is from three main sources:

  • Federal Government per capita funding,
  • State Government per capita funding, and
  • Tuition Fees. 

The two government sources of funding go directly to the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office and are used to meet staffing costs and also the services that the office provides. 

Tuition Fees are used to meet the other operating costs of the school, such as, teaching resources, computers and IT, repairs and maintenance, electricity and heating, postage and telephones. Tuition fees also contribute to the ongoing development of the school.

A commitment to meet the payment of school fees is appreciated and essential for our school to provide quality educational outcomes for our students. However, for families who are having financial difficulties, please contact the Principal about a possible concession. We would not like to deny any child an opportunity to attend the school purely for financial reasons.